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" A physical form is the essential

condition for happiness"

- Joseph Pilates-



Give yourself a moment of relaxation and connection with your body.


Pilates activates deep muscles through good posture. This helps relieve back and joint pain, as well as leading

to better balance and maintenance of the core muscles.


This discipline is suitable for all: sportsmen and women, pregnant women (pre- and post-natal),

senior citizens and other active people.


Mélina de Lamarlière, who is certified to teach by Swissbody Pilates, welcomes you every week in the soothing setting of the Centre de Santé et Energie in Geneva.


Choose from floor classes accompanied by specific material such as the Magic Circle and Swiss Ball,

or classes using machines such as the Reformer.


Group, dual or individual classes are offered in English and French.

Online Classes - 2021

Pilates Class- 60min. Link sent after payement (twint or Iban)

Free cancellation before 24hours,

Paid past 24hours before the class start. 

Online - Zoom 

Group class:

Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00pm & Friday 12:30pm


Prenatal class, from 3 to 8 month pregnancy:

Thursday 7:15pm & Friday 11.15am

30chf/class online , 35chf/class in studio. 

Online privat class:

Time on request. 

85chf/class - 60 min.

Privat or duo on Reformer:

On request on tuesday, thursday or Friday.



de Lamarlière

Having completed a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Laban Dance and Music Conservatory in London, I went on

to study at Iwanson international contemporary dance school in Munich, graduating aged 21. I then decided to come back to the Geneva region, which is my home. During my training

as a dancer I discovered Pilates and this discipline

has now become indispensable in my daily life.


Over the years I have been improving my knowledge of Pilates through a combination of recognized training courses

and internships (Pilates Institute of Fitspro, Swissbody Pilates, workshop with Pat Guyton).


This allows me today to teach courses in which contemporary Pilates and the traditional style developed by Joseph Pilates rub shoulders. Paramount to this is a solid knowledge and understanding of one’s body and I am also a firm believer that this learning process never ends, which leads me to continue developing my own abilities.


In life I am a dynamic, passionate and friendly young woman. In 2017 I realized one of my dreams, alongside my best friend, which was to launch my own dance company

“Speak in Silence”.


I hope to make another dream come true by sharing with you my passion for Pilates!


 Instagram #melinapilates_speakinsilence



I enjoy so much Melina's pilates classes that I have recommended them to friends, who all just loved them

and continue taking them with her. 
In tandem classes, she is great at adapting to everyone's needs while keeping us focused on getting the breathing and movement right. 
I feel I really learn to do pilates correctly with Melina.

—  Esther, 45




(September to June)

2019 - 2020

 Year Memebership

 1200chf  -30chf/ classe



(september- january

february  - june)


640 chf  - 32chf/classe



(3 months validity, buyable only

during September to April)

350chf 35 chf/classe.





10 Lesson Card  1'100 chf

1 classe(without membership)

120 chf 





10 Lesson Card 850chf / 

per person

1 classe(without membership)

100 chf 

Contact Us

Rue Viollier 2, 1207 Genève

Located in the center of

Eaux Vives, public transports

(tram 12 / bus 1-9-33-A)


- Group classes schedule-

Tuesday 6:00-7.00pm

Friday 12:30-13:30pm

-Duo & Privat class reformer or online

on request-

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